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TV & Video Solutions

Filmon provides a wide variety of services for television channels and media networks. We handle encoding and content delivery of live linear channels, on-demand video libraries, and live-streaming of events across a wide variety of consumer devices. Not only do we provide a better user experience than cable and satellite, but our services are internet based allowing access from anywhere in the world at any time.

  • The Best Content Anytime

    Connecting your PC to the TV is not Television. FilmOn has created a true TV experience for our partners enabling consumers to access content on their schedule. Anytime. With a TV look and feel

  • Unbelievable variety of programming content - On demand, 24/7/365

    Why limit yourself to legacy television, when you can leverage the entire spectrum of global media? FilmOn's wide variety of TV solutions offer our partners virtually limitless video-on-demand variety, and far more media options and channels than traditional network television.

Filmon's iPTV TV Box features the best of all possible worlds:

  • Enjoy the absolute best of both worlds, with BOTH High and Standard definition formats - all in one sleek, simple package. Supports major industry standard CODEC and streaming protocols.
  • Massive DVR Storage: Dynamic, network-based DVR allows you to record and store unlimited hours of HD and SD programming.
  • Real-time Delivery of Live channels for linear channels and live streamed events. Customizable on-demand programming menus allow users to curate their own individual, personalized media libraries.
  • Viewers have control to rewind, slow down or use instant replay - Play, pause, rewind and live HD TV!
  • Multiple screen formats allowed, and 480p, 480i, 720p, 1080i support for picture outputs.
  • Support for multiple connection ports for HDMI, Component, S-Video and Composite outputs.
  • Grow your business with Interactive services such as donation prompts, real-time auctions, e-commerce and home shopping features.
  • Filmon's iPTV interactive features such as picture-in-picture, real-time on-screen weather, lottery results and channel selection over lays allow for a rich, infinitely customizable user experience.
  • Personalized, branded channel guide.
  • Our 1-week stored Program Guide, and searchable channel guide displays programs up to 7 days retroactive.
  • Native support for Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound enables incredible, theater-quality sound with user's hardware.
  • Parental controls and channel locks allow parents control their childrens' access of mature or objectionable content.

FilmOn is capable of streaming live events, global television channels and video-on-demand programming via the internet and using all industry leading browsers (for details, see our technical requirements). FilmOn partners have the option of enabling subscription-based and pay-for-view services, as well as Ad placements on their media sites.


Separately Licensed Code

Notice: Some software components included with Filmon's set top box are subject to separate licensing terms - including both free and open source software. As per the terms of those components' respective licenses, Filmon hereby provides this code (as well as any modifications to said code), available for download at no charge here.


Online Media Solutions

Filmon partners benefit from a wide variety of cutting edge, web 2.0+ web publishing and media syndication tools. Additionally, FilmOn provides a variety of related services aimed at making partners' sites a success - including web hosting, creative design, monetization and 24/7 support.

  • Custom Media Player

    Take advantage of Filmon's ultra-flexible, customizable Video Player to help maximize your brand, engage with audiences and drive online traffic as never before.

  • Live/Real-time and Streaming - On-Demand

    Leverage the power of the internet and the Web's leading browsers to stream Television channels, video-on-demand and even real-time, live events! You decide whether or not to activate subscription-based, pay-for-view services and/or Ad placements on their own website.

A unique, TV-like experience on your computer, video mobile, iPod or other capable device

Enjoy true, full-fledged video-on-demand, digital radio, live TV and much, much more - all in a cutting-edge, custom-branded online player featuring a rich suite of interactive tools and features.


We'll work with you to create your player's design, layout and navigation system.

As a truly "end-to-end" media provider, Filmon handles all reporting, billing and related services in support of your online player - allowing you to focus on making your personalized video portal a success. We offer partners total control over how, when (and even where) your video portal's content is published via FilmOn's carefully designed, streamlined work flow.


Leverage Rich, Interactive features to maximize market penetration.

FilmOn's wide array of online media and business solutions offer our partners' audiences more freedom than ever to search video archives, share and chat with other viewers watching the same live channel - all in real-time. Our state-of-the-art suite of social media and user engagement tools include online gaming, fantasy, polling and recommendation engines for "similar shows" (i.e. based on what a user is currently enjoying).


We make it easy to Manage, monetize and syndicate your digital content via our incredible suite of management tools:

  • Video Player Branding, Co-Branding and Personalization Solutions
  • Live Video and On-Demand Streaming
  • Real-time Statistics and Streaming Reports
  • Blogs and Live, Real-time Chat
  • Picture in Picture, Network DVR, and Game Tracker Functionalities
  • Powerful, Automated Content Ingestion and Encoding Tools
  • DRM Management Tools
  • Full-featured Content Management System (CMS)
  • Live-Streaming Network
  • Ad Sales, Serving and Insertion
  • User Interface Design Tools and Assistance
  • Subscription-based User Accounts and Automated Billing Tools
  • Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and SEO/SEM Tools and Capabilities
  • Live 24/7/365 Customer and Technical Support


Sports Media Solutions

Turn your team's fans into SUPER-FANS with FilmOn's custom Sports Media Solutions

Filmon's sports partners gain access to Filmon's total Sports Media solutions platform for managing the myriad Web and media publishing tasks for sports-related properties, as well as e-commerce, live streaming, real-time auctions, cutting-edge ticketing solutions and much, much more.

  • Multi-Game Viewing and Live Streaming Sports Stats

    View multiple games at once, set up social media features to grow your community, and interact with Post-game stats!

  • Online Content Publishing Solutions tailored to your Sports property

    We make the many tasks surrounding a successful Sports site - such as digital assets management, revenue channel optimization, and more - as easy and intuitive as possible. Filmon's cutting-edge Web Publishing tools offer total control of your online content, while our robust email marketing tools let you easily prioritize online advertising, social and interactive features, and industry-leading customer support.

  • Cutting Edge, Full-Featured Online Ticketing Solutions

    Filmon's wide array of Online Ticketing Solutions let our partners maximize demand for event Tickets. Our forward-thinking system enables both donation/rewards and sponsorship tickets with seat location - all in one single, unified database. That's just smart.

  • On a Mobile Device? See the Game Live!

    FilmOn's system is designed and built from the ground up to keep your fans engaged - whether in their living room, or out on The Road! Your fans can stay connected to live game action - streamed live direct to their mobile phones, iPods or other handheld device with exciting features such as live streaming, game highlights, play-by-play analysis and commentary, player statistics, game photos and video clips and so much more!

Filmon offers a wide range of tools for maximizing revenue, engaging with fans and encouraging donors, building your community with social tools, photos, scores, late-breaking team news, stats, advance ticket sales and high-quality streaming media.

We've made it easier than ever to manage your entire site, control content and connect with your audience - directly - without depending on a third-party to make site updates. To facilitate all of this, you'll leverage the following tools:

  • Powerful, Automated Content Ingestion and Encoding Tools
  • Team-branded Video Player, Customized Website Solutions
  • Live Video and On-Demand Streaming via FilmOn's Proprietary CDN
  • Billing (Authentication, Processing)
  • Custom, Full-Featured E-commerce and/or Auction System
  • Online Ticketing & Donor Management Tools
  • Online Event Registration and Guest Management Features
  • Mobile Video/Media Features
  • DRM Management Tools
  • Full-featured CMS System
  • Ad Sales, Serving and Insertion
  • User Interface Design Tools and Assistance
  • Customer Fan Support
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Subscription-based User Accounts and Automated Billing Tools
  • Marketing, Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and SEO/SEM Tools and Capabilities
  • Live 24/7/365 Customer and Technical Support

Mobile Media Solutions

Don't let your fans miss any of the action!

To support the explosive growth in global mobile media consumption, Filmon has developed a totally customizable, state-of-the-art mobile platform tailored to your organization's mobile media needs. Our visionary suite of Mobile media tools and features allows our partners to reach target audiences anywhere (and everywhere) they happen to be. Whether via a mobile App or a WAP-based mobile site, Filmon consistently delivers the high-quality mobile media direct to your users' iPhones, iPads, Android phones, BlackBerrys or any other mobile-media enabled device.


Personalized Mobile Application Features include:



LIVE, Real-time Video Streaming and Games

Experience HD-quality video media directly to your mobile phone or other mobile device. Filmon mobile platform enables a near-infinite range of possibilities: Sports fans on the move can now watch games live, hear live-streaming game audio, enjoy post-game highlights (or condensed highlights), explore and interact with player stats, team profiles and much, much more. You name it - FilmOn can make it happen.


Explore Team Stats, Game Photos, Rosters and Scheduling

Users can access detailed game schedules, explore upcoming games - for a week, or an entire season - watch archived games, when and where they want it - on demand. FilmOn's system can automatically update live game scores and data, letting fans dig in into their favorite teams, and full player bios and profiles. In short - the ultimate in immersive, mobile fan-base support!


Kick-Ass User Customization

We give your Fans the option of choosing their favorite team for a truly custom view - as well as selecting frequency of updates. Fans can hide/reveal game scores as needed, so as to not reveal their current game's final outcome before viewing the game highlights.

Game Tracker & Play-by-Play

Filmon's innovative new Game Tracker tool features an aerial view of a team's playing field, showing hotspots of player action and allowing fans to view where significant events took place. Or - by simply switching to "play-by-play mode", major game events are laid out in list-format, along with video highlights of the each key play.


Web-Friendly Mobile Media Sites

A FilmOn mobile website is the ultimate way to keep fans connected and engaged. Thanks to Filmon's mobile media platform, all content published to your website is automatically published to your mobile site as well, and is automatically formatted for mobile friendly viewing - all without any further work on your part, or knowledge of the arcane web / mobile standards underlying mobile media. We make online, mobile media look easy - and it is!


Full-Service Content Delivery

Explore FilmOn's Total "End-To-End" iPTV Platform and Related Services!

Simply hand off your content and we'll do the rest. In today's competitive online media marketplace time equals money. Filmon's ability to take your media live as quickly as possible will help to save time and money while increasing profitability.

Content acquisition services

We offer our clients a wide variety of content acquisition services, for capturing your content and getting you online quickly. Our services include satellite downlinks and fiber-optic content delivery in high definition or standard definition formats. We support a wide variety of content forms including live channels and events, video-on-demand files and sports highlights.

As our client's content is captured for delivery, Filmon's IPTV platform warehouses data for each broadcast channel/video on-demand and our CMS systems are populated with content. Our program menu database logs your content's key data, any related images are uploaded to the database, and media is then made available to users via Filmon's IPTV box or web browser. Throughout the entire process our content and media partners have total access to their media via the CMS tools.

Media Encoding & Consulting

Filmon's IPTV services support a huge variety of industry Codec standards and other formats, and our system is completely platform and file-format independent.

Filmon's proprietary HTTP-based platform provides extensive support for the latest adaptive streaming technologies. Filmon streams ultra-high compression file formats as MPEG4 and H.264 format to viewers around the world via either our IPTV box or browser-based services.

Support for silverlight and windows media

We are a Microsoft partner and our platform provides support for both silverlight and windows media formats. Our clients include a wide variety of Microsoft-based networks.

Support for Adobe Flash video

Our service provides support for live Flash transcoding of sporting events or linear channel broadcasts, as well as encoded delivery of archived sports games, special events, highlight clips, and other video-on-demand files. )

Branding & Customization

We'll assist you in customizing your online brand, allowing you to connect, communicate with, and market to your targeted demographic.

Filmon's platform allows our costumers to customize their video channels and media properties. Our system allows media to be categorized via playlists or scripted channel programming guides, and site users have the option of organizing their favorite videos and creating playlists for ease of use.

Filmon's platform includes:

  • A brandable easy to configure media player.
  • Customizable easy to configure user interface.
  • An immersive interactive viewing experience.
  • Support for multilingual versions.

Content Management Solutions

FilmOn's powerful, feature-rich Content Management System (CMS) makes publishing video, images, articles and real-time streaming of live events easier than ever before.

Our state-of-the-art CMS offers our partners both creative control and unparalleled flexibility via one easy to use Admin. Our CMS ensures an easy, logical work flow for managing your data, media files and publishing content, and we've gone to great lengths to simplify the process of managing metadata, images, geo-targeting, content monetization campaigns and other attributes.

Your media files are immediately accessible to partner administrators (and end-users) via either iPTV Box or our browser-based platform. What we offer:

  • Simplified, logical workflow for Web and Video Publishing
  • SEO, Geo and Meta Data Tagging
  • Support for open Platform, full Web 2.0 / Web Services Integration
  • EPG, Schedules and Partner (or User) Playlists
  • Self-authored live event publishing

Global CDN Network

Need support for high-traffic, high-bandwidth transmission, or global reach? We've got your back!

Our global, managed Content Delivery Network (CDN) services let our partners reach their target audiences worldwide, while ensuring unparalleled broadcast quality, and dynamic scaling to accommodate spikes and variability in traffic. We continuously monitor content delivery via Akamai, Limelight, Level 3 and a variety of other global CDN providers, and are able to troubleshoot ISP issues from the end user all the way back to the signal/content acquisition process, thus ensuring quality of service to the end user.

  • Secured, Adaptive Streaming
  • Our use of multiple CDN Partners (and multiple Delivery Centers around the world) ensure robust, redundant service, and fail-over capabilities
  • Built-in support for both High and Low-bit rate streaming
  • Efficient, Scalable services to accommodate any level of traffic

Geo-Targeting & Location-Aware Services

Targeting specific countries, geographic regions or user-groups based on business rules? We've got you covered!

FilmOn's cutting-edge, configurable Geo-targeting services offer partners extensive location-aware capabilities. Our workflow tools allow partners to define business rules for where, when and how content is delivered to end users. Our Geo-Targeting services include:

  • Management of other Content Rights holders
  • Business Rules for Content Viewing
  • Content Access by Country
  • Checking/Validation of Billing IP and Zip Code

User & Account Management

In need of Single Account profiles and brandable, steam-lined pay flows? FilmOn delivers.

FilmOn's flexible, brandable registration services let our partners to project a unified brand identity to the customer from initial sign-up all the way through to final billing. Single-point sign-in services simplify the end user login process, while our clean, logical pay flows minimize screens needed for checkout and cross selling.

Services include:

  • Single Sign-On capabilities
  • Single, unified account profile
  • Highly flexible, customizable Pay Flow interface
  • Cross-Sell, Up-sell... Sell anyway you need.

Site & Content Monetization

Monetize your content and maximize your media properties with our full-featured billing and reporting system. Manage subscriptions, with total support for payment processing, advertising insertions and pay-per-view billing.

  • Manage Subscription Fees
  • Manage Transaction Fees
  • Robust E-Commerce Capabilities
  • Online Auction Functionalities
  • Social Networking Apps & Widgets
  • Comprehensive Billing Solutions
  • Full-featured Reporting


Our system allows partner content owners to syndicate content by embedding channels in remote sites. Once embedded, such channels may be shown in the main console for expanded display of ad impressions and pre/post roll playouts.

Support for Multiple Business Strategies

When it comes to your business, you never have to settle! Our monetization system is incredibly flexible, and is capable of supporting multiple types of PPV, subscription or ad-based business models. Simply set the rules and you'll have full control!

User Engagement Tools and Social Features

To drive time spent by Viewers on your sites and enable development of user communities we've integrated a wide range of social and user engagement features 1-click publishing to at least 28 social networks including chat, embed codes, and deep linking into content within your site.

Billing and Reporting

While reporting and billing don't directly monetize content, having access to key performance metrics allows content owners to make intelligent, strategic plans in terms of how they "program media lineups, or distribute content. Our CMS's flexible programming functions allow partners to optimize gather data on the most popular content - driving maximum traffic and revenue.

Ultimate Ticketing Solutions

FilmOn's comprehensive, scalable Online Ticketing system gives partners total control, eliminating back-office setup and allowing your fans access to more online content. Our built-in suite of "Sponsor and Donor Management" tools allows you to manage pledges, donations and allows you to track communications with specific fans and communicate individually via our "browser based" online account. Our suite of Guest Management tools allows you to handle complimentary admissions to events for coaches, athletes, recruits and other VIPs.

Comprehensive Ticketing Solutions

Our comprehensive Ticketing solutionsoffers your users instant consumer gratification, while empowering your organization to sell tickets anytime, anywhere.

  • Monitor and control all system functions - from setup to signup to media management
  • Efficient, easy seating request process
  • Control Admin and User access down to specific processes - including "Read Only" rights
  • Digital ticketing provides complete event attendance information
  • USe our built-in tools to manage Attendance-driven loyalty programs, Ticket transfers and resale and Print-at-home ticketing

Manage Your Donors

Our robust suite of Donor Management tools allow partners to manage fan donations, create funds (by campaign), customizable reports, and setup of user-defined payment plans. With Donor Management you can:

  • Design & Manage a Priority Points Programs to reward fans based on business rules you define
  • Create and modify invoices for electronic use or printing
  • Exchange donor data with other systems, and control data flow
  • Manage parking with modules tied to User's ranking profile

Manage Your Guests

Our Guest Management tools offer partners ways of efficiently, accurately managing complimentary admissions, including sponsor or player guest tickets. This module integrates with our Online Ticketing System - avoiding creation of duplicate events. Perhaps best of all, our user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to manage the following tasks:

  • Customize messages, Set lockout dates and times
  • Secure online guest sign-ups
  • Automated communication tools and reminder e-mails
  • Direct, pre-arrival communication with guests
  • Post-event Ticket-Usage tracking
  • Robust, highly versatile reporting suite - fully compatible with Excel

E-Commerce & Online Sales Solutions

FilmOn's solutions allow organizations of any size to do business online securely, efficiently and affordably. The Web offers small and large companies incredible opportunities to generate profits independent of, or in tandem with existing sales channels.

FilmOn's E-Commerce Solution Includes:

  • Robust, intuitive Administration tools
  • Automated inventory tracking and monitoring
  • Easy, intuitive administration of product categories
  • Tracking / integration of Multiple vendors
  • Bulk processing tools
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end credit card billing pay flow
  • Optional Shipping integration via UPS API
  • Emailed notifications of new orders
  • Exchange/Return/Refund tracking and management
  • Total historical order reporting and data management

Online Promotional and Sales Functionalities

  • Manage Coupon codes for free shipping or discount promotions
  • Ability to manage free and/or discounted items with purchases
  • Enable User Gift-Giving with our E-Gift certificates
  • Drive Cross-Sells / Up-Sells via Related items
  • Email marketing template for online stores
  • Manage In-page slots for Advertising of specific products or promotions

Online Auction Functionalities

  • Easily place items from your database into auction mode for bidding in online auctions
  • Total Management and control of auction categories, starting bids, reserve amounts, start/end dates and bidding increments and related auction rules
  • Automatic notification of Customers of outbid notifications
  • Fully integrated billing and invoicing systems
  • Real-time reports and statistics of current/past auctions
  • Includes fully integrated template for Email marketing of online auctions

Management Photo Stores

  • Partner Provided Photo Store inventory pulls directly from FilmOn's Web Publishing database (no need to keep track of a second, redundant Admin system).
  • Search by Photo tools
  • Transactions with FilmOn's Photo Partners sales interface via an easy to use "Buy Link"
  • Options for "framed", "unframed" and "photo collage" prints
  • System includes a variety of common incentive options, including Coupon codes, "Buy one get one free" and "free/discounted shipping" modules

24/7 Customer Support

We offer our partners 24/7/365 Customer support services to make sure the customer gets what they need, all the time, every time. Period.

  • 24/7/365 Customer Support Department
  • Support for Live Media Steaming
  • Experienced, Expert Technical Support
  • Social / Fanbase Support (via Email, Chat and Voice)

Tracking & Statistics

FilmOn's system offers partners real-time access to:

  • Comprehensive Web Analytics Reports
  • Custom Dynamic Real Time Queries
  • Integration of Omniture Tags

Billing Solutions

FilmOn's system offers partners monthly financial and usage reports, including:

  • Reports broken down by Content Owner or Sales Channel
  • Detailed comprehensive Financial and Usage Reports
  • Support for Domestic and International Merchant Accounts
  • Monthly Basis Billing Reports

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